Imagine the best food of your life and forget about dieting!

  • Cipolla Rossa (red onion): the most tipycal and known product of Tropea all around the world, it gives an extra touch of flavour to any dish: used raw it gives salad a kick, as well as accompanying tuna fish and tomatoes with a drizzle of oil. A very tasty recipe is the “risotto with the red onion”.
  • Fileja: the typical Calabrian pasta, perfect with tomatoes sauce, red onion and ‘nduja
  • ‘Nduja (finely ground spicy pork sausage): if you are in for spicy flavours then you’ll get crazy for ‘Nduja. Almost every restaurant in Tropea uses ‘nduja as starter or as a relish in some course.
  • Surici: every Italian region has its special plate and Tropea makes no difference: Surici are little fishes characterstics of this sea area which are served breaded and fried.
  • Tartufo (truffle) di Pizzo: the most famous artisan ice cream produced in Pizzo, if you like chocolate it’s a must. Another sweet treat to try, always from Pizzo is the Nocciola imbottita, an amazing hazelnut semifreddo which will leave you mouth open.