Il Convento della pietà

Located in the oldest part of Tropea right in front of Santa Maria dell’Isola, Il Convento has the best view in  town: by staying in here you have the possibility to live the experience of a lifetime in a fantastic atmosphere that will remain forever in your memories.

Its origin dates back XVI century, but it seems that its foundations are much older, probably back to the Roman times.

The Convent has a fascinating history: for a long time it has been the house of “Suore della Clarissa” and during the second world war it has been a barracks.

After being used as a hospital and even as a movie theatre, in 1987 it has been restored and renovated by a group of friend. While keeping its beauty and original charme, the Convent has become the perfect place to stay in a peaceful and pleasant location while visiting Tropea.

In its lovely courtyard there are the entrance to the exclusive apartaments SOLE and LUNA, placed on the cliff in front of the sea.  These apartments have been restored with rustic simplicity from two famous Italian architects: Nanda Vigo and Luigi Giffone.